Cute adventure in Fly Away Rabbit

Do you love balloons and rabbits? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely love the treat that you will know after reading this article. But before that, let us tackle three main points why cute animals and toys are being incorporated in flash games. One is because they are cute as mentioned earlier. Second is because they are very relatable and easy to manipulate and control. Last is because it makes a great combination that gamers will surely like.
An example of a game with this theme is the one called Fly Away Rabbit. The two main objects or characters that you will see in this particular game are the balloons and a rabbit. The player’s goal is to let the balloon float away but not the rabbit. You can do this by removing the blocks hurdling the balloon one by one. It is up to your strategy on how to fly away the balloon but not the rabbit. It can be quite challenging but definitely fun.


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